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Day 26: Getting Back on Track

Okay, we're back here for another daily writing challenge because it's 5:22 and I have to prep to leave for the gym soon. That's okay.

Today was a better day. We're getting there.

I moved my desk into the bedroom to have more privacy and space from the noise outside (my boyfriend also working, but on the phones all day). I immediately felt a renewed sense of motivation and the ability to focus. Phew!

I posted a new reel, scheduled my Maui YouTube video (finally!!), and prepped my bullet journal for the year. It's all starting to fall back into place. For the first time in a long time, it feels like posting once a week again is possible.

Tomorrow I'll start working on the final installment of my Hawaii vlogs, where I finish up Maui. I'm honestly so ready to be done with all that footage and move onto new projects. I'm already planning to talk more about books, then quickly push out my Utah vlogs since I went there around this time of year.

I'm trying to get better at posting in a more timely fashion when the content are relevant. I'm also building up my database of ideas and sounds I want to use for reels and doing the thinking work before it's time to actually build. And I'm working especially hard on building community by interacting with similar people on the platforms I use. I can't wait to see my own community grow this year.

Whenever I'm in a particularly deep rut, I watch Ali Abdaal's videos for a nice kick in the pants to get moving. I binged a few today while working on my journal. He reminded me the importance of setting up systems, so that's something I'm incorporating more. Thumbnails and captions will be created faster and ideas will always be ready for me to pick up.

I also picked up some guides from Chasity Hobbs around IG growth that I've just started to go through. I know this is the year for me :)

I hope 2024 is off to a good start for you and I'll see you here again soon.

Happy adventuring,


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