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A woman smiling and standing on a trail atop a lush, forested ridge line.

Hi, friend!

The Pacific Northwest was the perfect place for me to spend my childhood and develop a deep love of the outdoors. Summer nights were spent under the stars and making s'mores around the campfire. Growing up, I lost touch with nature as I focused on my academics and earned a Physics Degree from the University of Washington. 

The universe brought me back to my roots after graduation, when I found a new love for backpacking, solo road trips, and rock climbing. My science-oriented mind is always tracking down another species, botany fact, or bit of environmental info. 

My goal now is to inspire others to connect -- or reconnect -- with nature by finding adventure outdoors. My hope is that the more people feel connected to the world around them, the more they will care about protecting it and preserving natural wonders for future generations. 

April's Adventures at a Glance




Born and raised in the Seattle area, spending all my free time running around outside. My dad encouraged connecting with nature, teaching me about trees, rocks, animals, and all about camping and fishing. 

Graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. in Physics, thinking I would spend the next several years in grad school -- but the universe had other plans for me!

Took my first solo trip to San Luis Obispo and realized there's a whole world waiting to be experienced. Had an epiphany that I'm not getting any younger and the timing never feels exactly right, so I should grab any chance I get to travel. 


April Adventuring was born! I decided to dip my toes into the world of content creation and find a community of sustainable travelers and nature enthusiasts. 


Moved to Los Angeles and started making plans to quit my tech startup 9-5. With nicer weather (bye, rain!) and new places to explore, I'm committing more time to inspiring others to get outdoors and taking April Adventuring to the next level. I'm happy you're here!

A woman holding up a mug while sitting in the doorway of a camper van under the awning.
Two young girls in front of water. One holding a fishing pole and the other holding the fishing line with a fish at the end.
A woman sitting on a the edge of a planter in front of a Spanish-style mission.
A woman smiling, seen through a cluster of buckwheat flowers.

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