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All My Faves

Getting outdoors doesn't have to be hard or expensive. Here's the gear I've used and loved over the years on my adventures in nature and content creation. 

Note: Some of the links on these pages are affiliate links. That means I may earn a small commission when you purchase through one of them, at no extra cost to you! Thanks for your support! 🫶🏻

Woman with backpack standing on the edge of a trail, looking out to lush, green mountains.


This is the tried and true gear that I take into the backcountry. I keep things lightweight where I can, without breaking the bank. 


These are my favorite items to bring camping when I can afford the weight of some luxury items. Camping is more fun with all the comfort and extras!

A white prius parked along the side of a desert road.
Woman in overalls and beanie standing on top of a rocky cliff with a valley and river below.


This is my no frills set up for filming at home and on the trail. If you're an aspiring content creator, this is a wonderful place to start. 


Pico is my ultimate adventure buddy through everyday life and exploring nature. These are our top picks for keeping him happily running alongside me each step of the way! 

Woman looking at a dog wearing a backpack, both standing next to a turquoise lake.
Two tents and a hammock set up next to a gentle river.


Browse my REI favorites directly! You'll find all my tested and loved favorites for camping, backpacking, hiking, running, climbing, and anything else I happen to get into. 

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