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Day 41: Just When Things Start Looking Up

Okay, I'm calling a do-over on my last post. 😄 Just when I thought I was ready to get back to it, I started feeling sick, took a few days off for my climbing comp and Yosemite, and have been sleeping off some sort of flu for the past five days.

It's been a wild February so far with lots of ups and downs.

Every day I think my sickness will be gone tomorrow, but apparently my immune system has other ideas. Yesterday I was feeling pretty good; I finally had enough energy to help out around the house and do laundry (after being completely couch-ridden for days). Today I'm somehow feeling slightly worse again when I was so sure I was over the hump yesterday.

I can't wait to be back to editing and routine again. Right now my entire life is sleeping, drinking tea, and eating without being able to taste anything.

I hope your February has been more consistently full of ups than mine has!

It feels good to be back on my laptop for the first time in over a week. I haven't been able to look at screens while being sick due to constantly having migraines -- except for a few movies here and there.

In more fun news, it's wilderness permit season and there are a few I'm applying for. I'm also starting to think about what trips to take this year and where I want to take the van out! Thanks to all those that have sent suggestions based on the places I've shown in my videos :)

The only trip I'd had planned so far this year was a quick Valentine's trip to Yosemite to try seeing firefall, which was unfortunately a flop. The trip was still amazing, but conditions didn't quite work out for the spectacle we'd hoped for.

This was my first time visiting Yosemite in the winter though and now I can say I've checked off all four seasons. It's one of my favorite places and I do plan on visiting more outside the valley this year. I've been around five times now and have only left the valley once!

I'll keep the rambling short today and leave you with well wishes for lots of health, adventures, and happiness for the rest of February.

<3 A

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