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Day 20: How to Build a Website

This is entirely serious advice. I'm a professional. (It's not and I'm not.)

Everyone has a website these days, if not multiple. If you don't have one, you barely exist. How will people understand your brand without reading your "About Me" page? What do you mean you don't have a brand? Just because you don't have a company, doesn't mean you don't have a brand. Everyone has one. Everyone.

Building a website has never been easier. Here's what I've found works for me:

  1. Pick a domain name. Something catchy and easy to remember. Alliterations are awesome.

  2. Choose a hosting service.

  3. Start building.

  4. Realize you have no idea what you're doing.

  5. Google, Google, Google.

  6. Continue building.

  7. Mess up the entire page's formatting somehow.

  8. Struggle until you need a break.

  9. Take a break.

  10. Google, Google, Bing.

  11. Find the answer to how you messed up your entire page's formatting on Reddit.

  12. Fix your page's formatting.

  13. Add words and pictures so it looks like you've accomplished stuff. People will totally get your brand now.

  14. Preview site. It looks pretty good.

  15. Hit "Publish."

  16. Sit back and enjoy your hard work.

  17. Realize you didn't preview the site in mobile.

  18. Preview in mobile. It looks like shit.

  19. Repeat steps 3-16 for mobile.

In reality, making a website is super easy. Getting it right is hard and takes lots of time. I've been spending much of this week updating parts of my own site. There were some funky things going on with my homepage since I didn't understand how Wix treats blog pages versus everything else.

I'm definitely happier with it now -- meaning it's somewhat presentable and I won't shrivel up of embarrassment if someone actually visits my site. There's still a long way to go though.

If you're looking for an actual guide on how to create a website, particularly a blog that makes money, I recommend this guide by Sophia of Perfecting Blogging.

With that quick post, I'm off to finish my Maui vlog and hopefully get it up this weekend!!

Happy adventuring,


P.S. All three people I reached out to as part of my Winter Solstice Reflection yesterday reached back out to me the same day, including one that I haven't spoken to in years :) I'm really trying hard to be more connected to people (especially women) and to respond promptly. This was great encouragement for me.

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