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Day 9: "Works Well Under Pressure"

Once in a job interview, I was asked what my real life superpower would be.

The example my interviewer gave was of a member of her team whose superpower was being extremely organized. This skill made her perfectly suited for her role and had a great impact on moving projects forward for the rest of her team.

My answer came pretty immediately: I have the ability to remain calm amid the chaos. I stay level-headed and logical when shit hits the fan, quickly taking action and helping others do so. Basically, I work well under pressure.

I guess my answers must have satisfied since I ended up getting the job. And there sure was a lot of pressure to work well under in that role. And I did thrive there, but eventually I got out.

Now here I am working for myself and trying to manufacture some of my own pressure and chaos. Life is fairly calm now on the work front since I can really set my own pace and deadlines -- until I'm working with brands' deadlines that is.

I've been setting productivity goals for myself, but rarely sticking to them:

  • 1 YouTube video a week

  • 3 Instagram posts a week

  • Daily-ish Instagram stories

  • Interacting with accounts in my niche

  • Responding to all YouTube comments

With just a few weeks left until the new year, I'm working hard at getting myself back on track to have a good foundation.

My pressure goal for today is to finish editing a video to publish this weekend. My boyfriend is out of the house today, which makes it the perfect oppotunity to focus. I can record my voiceover segments without worrying about his phone calls making an appearance in the background.

Pressure is a good stress that keeps me focused on the task at hand. Not finishing today means I likely won't have a video ready to share this Sunday and another week of not checking off that goal.

In that spirit, I'm leaving today's post a bit shorter than the rest so I can pop over to iMovie and crank out my Maui vlog!

I hope you have some good pressure in your life pushing you toward your goals. I hope you enjoy that sense of accomplish seeing what you can achieve with a little focus and a looming deadline.

I will catch you again tomorrow. Happy first day of Hannukah to those who celebrate!

Happy adventuring,


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