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Day 22: Could You Cut It as a Content Creator?

I'm ramping up my creation for my own social media platforms and adding one for my dog on top. Over the years of my (inconsistent) content creation, I've had numerous people tell me they would do it too.

There's the free stuff you can get, the potential for fame, the money. And of course, it'd be so much easier than their current 9 to 5 job.

Or would it?

Most of us have been jealous of successful content creators at some point in our lives. But it's a shame that we see only the final product of their work and not the countless hours of work they put in to get there.

People ask me for advice on where to start, how to grow, what to post. They might even go so far as to start brainstorming ideas and creating a page for their new brand. But they rarely (and I mean rarely) ever post anything. Not that they don't post consistently like I'm guilty of. They don't even make one post and publicly share it.

We have this idea that content creation is super easy. And in principal it is. Nearly all of us have the means to and could make content in just a few minutes.

But becoming a content creator and sustaining yourself on it? That's super hard.

There's crazy competition for attention now. Coming up with novel ideas all the time is draining. Analyzing your metrics and figuring out what works for you and your audience is tricky. Not to mention the critics, loss of some level of privacy, and the dreaded internet trolls.

And it's non-stop. You can't just disappear when you want a break or run out of ideas. Your audience expects you to show up or they'll lose interest.

And worst of all, the algorithm punishes you. Some say it even "resets" if you haven't posted for too long. Then it's like starting all over to gain reach and grow consistently again.

I think that's where I'm at now.

The constancy is what really wears me down and makes me realize just how brutal being a full time creator can be. I have trouble with this in all aspects of my life though. Sometimes I just need a break from it all.

Unfortunately, when I feel that way, I take it. I ghost my followers. I enter posting paralysis. It's hard for me to get the ball rolling again.

This isn't to say that being a full time content creator isn't a completely sweet gig. There's a lot of privilege that comes with that role. It can be highly lucrative and glamorous if achieved.

So could you do it?

If you're a growing creator, send me a "hello" so I can check out your stuff! I'm always looking for like-minded folks to support and you all create some awesome videos, blog posts, and photos.

I hope you're enjoying the end of year quietness and building up those inspiration reserves for the start of the new year.

Happy adventuring,


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