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Day 21: A Christmas Reset

I took a couple days off writing and had a nice break to reset, relax, and set myself up for the rest of the year. We didn't do much for Christmas in our household and I'm honestly thankful to have such a low pressure holiday season.

Our home is really coming together. We're replacing our old furniture, set up a new TV, and are starting to decorate. We're falling into a rhythm together. We even created an Instagram page for our dog, Pico! (@picothecattledog)

Tomorrow we're getting rid of our futon that is rarely used and we'll have an open wall in our living room. I'm so excited to set it up differently! We've been brainstorming what we want to do with it. I'm thinking it will be a cozy corner. Our bookshelf, workout equipment, and a big, comfy chair will fill it out.

I've very nearly finished my Maui video which will go up in the next few days. I'll be working on getting back to posting weekly on Sundays in the new year. Pico's page has its first reel and I have a reel to go up on my page tomorrow. I'm feeling more inspired again to create and have been consuming some good content on IG and in books that is getting me energized again.

I'm trying to work on just doing what fills my cup. I'm re-learning that we can do things separately. He can play video games while I edit or write or read or journal. I'm working on building community: in my internet worlds and in real life. I'm finding music that I like and listening to it more often.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope this week fills you with joy and sets you up for success in 2024. Start the year off strong and keep that momentum going. If you fall off the horse, remember that no one else noticed and you can hop back on.

I love you all and hope you had a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate. I'll see you back here tomorrow for my regularly scheduled writing challenge. I'll be focusing more on writing travel content instead of my usual stream of consciousness -- though these will still be here.

Take care and happy adventuring,


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