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Day 2: Starting New Things

I have writer's block today. Already. There are a few topics I could touch on that are top of mind, but I'm not sure on which ones I'll have enough to write a complete post.

I'm going to talk about starting new things. This writing challenge is meant to break me out of my rut and get the momentum going again. In that spirit, yesterday I bought a candle making kit to try something new with my boyfriend. It seems like an easy craft and will make some fun gifts for friends with the holidays coming up! Here's the one we got (affiliate link).

Far too much time was spent yesterday researching candle making as if I'm going to be starting a six-figure business around it. From what wax to choose (soy) to oil type (fragrance) to techniques for making candles have stronger scent throw.

I also looked into starting a business and selling candles because why not? From what I can tell, it would be super hard in today's day and age. The market is overly saturated due to the ease of entry and relatively cheap materials. Also shipping candles can be expensive since they're pretty heavy, especially ones glass containers.

I think it would still be really fun to see if we can sell a few. I even thought about what our niche would be and think the obvious answer is to go with what we know best: outdoorsiness. I'd make eco-friendly candles with bug repellent properties that are easy to travel and camp with. They would be low and wide so they're harder to knock over. They'd need to be pet-friendly and have scents that outdoorsy people would enjoy, such as trees, tobacco, leather, grass, herbs.

Since the market is so full, I'm wracking my brain to see what other differentiators I could include. I do also have some skill in hand lettering and embroidery which could be super fun to add. Maybe my candles come with a fabric coozy that has the scent name and pictures of key notes embroidered on them. This would also make them super easy to customize for specific customers with names, holidays, wedding dates, etc. (Don't steal my idea before I try it out. 😂)

The point of all this I guess is to exercise my muscle of trying new things to see what sticks and get used to being outside my comfort zone.

Are there any new hobbies or projects you want to pick up for the new year? What's something you've been wanting to learn but haven't started yet?

I'm definitely a serial hobby trialer, which can cause me to have a bunch of half used supplies piling up. But every once in a while I do find a gem that I love and I go all in. You can only find those passions by branching out and trying a bunch of things. The struggle is finding time to do all these things and building any level of skill. It's fun to have an array of talents, but difficult to get there!

My candle kit arrives Sunday so I'm sure I'll be trying it out sometime next week and will share about that experience. In the meantime, I'm getting back to editing videos since I have several that I want to push out over the winter and I'm extremely backlogged! If you haven't already, pop on over to my YouTube channel to see what I've been up to and where I've been traveling.

I hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are and I'll talk to you next time :) Connect with me on Instagram for more daily interactions!

Happy adventuring,


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