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Best Unique (and Useful!) Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers | "No More Plants"

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

You may have noticed more and more people picking up a houseplant addiction recently... Especially during quarantine, folks are craving a taste of the outdoors and are looking for any way to spruce up their homes with items that bring them joy.

Enter, the houseplant.

Or many houseplants, to be more specific. Once you start, you won't want to stop collecting them.

If you or someone you know has taken to this plant parent lifestyle recently, this list will give you great gifts or treat yo'self ideas. And no new plants will be found in this list -- because face it, many of us have long filled up every inch of space in the goldilocks bright indirect light areas of our homes.

These are items I found myself needing (or wanting) when I began collecting plants. Do the plant lovers in your life a favor by picking one of these up for the next birthday, holiday, or spontaneous "you're awesome and I support your plant obsession" gift.

Note: The images in this post are clickable and will take you to the product's listing on Amazon. As an Amazon Affiliate, I receive a small commission for any eligible purchases made through one of those links at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for your support and let's get onto the gift ideas!

Propagation Displays

One of the greatest joys of having houseplants is propagating and growing more of them. This provides three main benefits to me:

  • Plant safety net! I always want to have a backup of my favorites just in case.

  • I can share plant babies with my friends and family!

  • It brings so much joy watching the new plants sprout roots and start to grow.

With that in mind, propagation stations are one of the most useful and thoughtful gifts to give to a plant lover. Any display with several glass containers works, but here are some ideas to get you started:

Watching roots pop out of seemingly lifeless stems is one of the most fascinating and rewarding parts of being a plant parent!

Woven Pot Covers

Help your plant-loving friends reach their aesthetic "apartment turned plant sanctuary" goals by gifting them pot covers. Nothing puts a damper on bringing home a new plant like staring at that plastic nursery pot.

I especially like the woven ones because they're lightweight, making it easy to trade out plants and pot holders and move around your plants for cleaning or finding better lighting.

I love this trio because they have a built-in plastic liner, so you can water your plants directly in here without worrying about the seagrass getting wet!

Currently I'm using mine for a button fern, a marble queen philodendron, and the largest one is a storage basket for my dog's toys :) Multi-functional!

The other woven baskets I can't get enough of are these:

I struggled to find pot covers that would fit my larger plants without breaking the bank. These ones perfectly fit a couple tall 10" pots I have and are sturdy enough to move around with the handles. The one drawback is that these aren't lined with plastic, which brings me to my next item...

Plastic Plant Trays

Protect your floors and furniture with simple plastic plant trays. I hurriedly picked up a pack of these to tide me over while I was looking for covers for my 10" pots. I really love how sturdy these ones are.

Since I purchased woven covers, I ended up needing the plastic trays anyway. I just pop them into the bottom of the woven covers and I'm good to go -- no damage and no need to pull the plants out for watering!

These are available in all sizes and a variety pack would be perfect for someone just starting out that has a range of plant sizes to care for.

Grow Lights

The areas in a plant lover's home with optimal lighting will be filled up very quickly. For some folks, their geographic location or direction of their windows may prevent their homes from getting enough light to begin with!

That's where grow lights come in handy. These allow anyone to set up a haven for their plants regardless of whether or not the sun wants to cooperate.

Grow lights can get pretty pricey, but these are some good options for anyone just starting out and looking for a boost for their plant babies.

I love how adjustable these are: direction, spectral mode, light intensity, and even timers! Super easy to give your plants exactly what they need in terms of light.

Strip lights are perfect for installing under shelves and tables for sneaking extra plant space into your home.

Watering Can

I watered my ever-growing indoor forest with an old Dasani water bottle for the longest time. It wasn't until I finally purchased a watering can that I realized just how convenient they are.

The watering can I went with is a fantastic size for those without a massive collection -- and as a bonus it looks great on display on a shelf!

Another advantage of having a watering can constantly filled with water is that it allows the chlorine to evaporate from the tap water before I use it. Certain plants are sensitive to chlorinated water, so this makes their care much easier.

Self-Watering Globes

When you're not home to use your cute, little watering can on your plants, you'll need a way to keep them hydrated. If you're not leaving for long enough to get a full-blown plant sitter, some sort of self-watering device is the way to go.

These glass orbs saved my more thirsty plants (looking at you, peace lily and begonia rex) from wilting away.

Plus, they're super pretty and make for a nice decor addition!

Plant Mister or Humidifier

Many plants, especially tropical ones or my favorites -- ferns, require high humidity levels to thrive. A couple ways to maintain that moisture level in the air for them are to mist them regularly or set a room humidifier nearby.

A plant mister I use daily on my several fern-y friends is this one:

I LOVE the continuous spray on this. It gives a wonderful, fine mist and it's super easy to mist an entire bunch of plants without getting any hand cramps.

For something more aesthetic, try one of these adorable orb pump misters:

As for humidifiers, there are endless shapes and sizes. I'm a fan of this Crane version for the large volume and amount of mist it produces:

Hanging Pot Holders

It's surprising how quickly you'll run out of table, shelf, and floor space to set your plants down! The best solution for this is to start hanging your plant babies.

I love how this adds a new, interesting dimension to the layout of your plants and allows you to disperse them throughout your home in even more places.

Here are some beautiful options that would be sure to please any plant lover.

Combine this with the propagation stations mentioned above and you get this beauty!

I would cover every inch of wall and ceiling with these if I could.

Plant Labels

After the first three dozens plants, it's difficult to remember each one and its care instructions... okay, it may be difficult even with just a few plants. Using plant labels will save your plant-loving friend countless hours of searching online for the same information over and over.

These labels are great because they're made from bamboo, which is much more sustainable than the typical plastic ones.

The vertical design makes them much easier to read without needing to turn your head sideways. They're also large enough to write the name of the plant and give some brief care instruction symbols!

Plant Shears

Every plant owner reaches the point where they have to start the painful task of clipping back some of their plant babies. Whether it's from dying leaves, lopsided growth, or a lack of space -- we all need to give our plants a trim now and then.

Trimming plants also helps promote growth and especially full, bushy growth instead of long, lanky growth.

These trimmers are the perfect size for an indoor garden and the quality is superb.

Who doesn't love some classy wood handles?

Vine Trellis

If you're familiar with the plants in your friend's home, a super thoughtful gift can be a vine trellis. These sculptural devices allow vining plants to grow vertically as opposed to needing to be hung up or placed in a high location for the vines to trail downward.

They add incredible visual interest to one's plants and give more flexibility to growing vining plants without a hanging pot.

Surprise a plant lover in your life with a vine trellis that fits both their decor style and lets them know you're paying attention to their climbing plant collection.


Lastly, let's talk about fertilizer. I'm a little embarrassed to say how long it took me to realize I needed to feed my plant babies more than just water and sunlight. Help out your plant parent friends by making it as easy as possible for them to care for their house plants.

I love slow release fertilizers that require little maintenance and can be used just a couple times a year.

I've been using this Osmocote fertilizer on all my plants and immediately saw tons of new leaves popping out. I was soo excited to see four new leaves on my fiddle leaf fig in no time at all.

These spikes are another great option and are ridiculously easy to use. Just push them into the soil and you're good to go!

Regardless of what you end up getting for your botanically-inclined friends, they will love and appreciate that you noticed and cared for one of their passions.

If you found this useful, check out my YouTube channel for videos on topics like this as well as travel and lifestyle!

Thanks so much for reading and I will talk to y'all again soon.

Much love,


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